Egyptology - A Discipline of Denial?

Is Egyptology a discipline founded on the premise that the founders of the civilization of ancient Egypt were not black Africans? Is that the sole rationalization for the discipline? As the saying goes denial is not a river in Egypt.

A good example of one of the weirdisms of Eygptology is who the Sphinx represents. It seems the locals believed it was the image of a goddess until Egyptologists who are a recent creation decided that it was a sculpture of the Eyptian pharoah Khafre. How they decided that they knew better than the locals who had been around it for years beats me. As to the question of whether the Sphinx is/was the image of a black African, the theory seems to be that the ancient Egyptians were not black Africans, and since Khafre was an ancient Egyptian and the Sphinx depicted him, the Sphinx could not be the image of black African. Do you now get the tortuous circular reasoning of these so called experts?

I guess the better question about the Sphinx is that "Does it depict a black African, male of female?". I have suspected this for a while after seeing a Nilotic woman who stirred a clear psychic impression in me that she was directly descended from the bloodline of the woman the Sphinx depicts.

I saw a documentary by one of the American TV networks who sought the advice of an NYPD forensic examiner and sent him to Egypt to find out whether the Sphinx depicted the Egyptian king Khafre, seemingly based on a tiny statue believed to be Khafre. Never mind that X-rays of some of the Egyptian kings show that the paintings and sculptures are not true likenesses.

The original seems to be gone and you can only find short clips embedded in other videos on Youtube.

At then end of the program he concludes that Sphinx is not a statue of Chephren. What he then adds is that he has seen people like that and they are African women. Yes guys you got it right. An experienced forensic examiner says the Sphinx is not just an African, but it is an African woman!!

The producers could have asked the locals. The Sphinx was worshiped as a goddess until the Muslims got bolshie about her, Paganism and all that. This seems to be one of the issues in Egyptology where a conclusion about the Sphinx could simply be made by comparing them with many living Africans. But then you have this discipline called Egyptology in which all these experts build their careers on denying what is evident to everyone else. Even I could have told them that.

I saw the brow of another young (South) Sudanese woman named Nya (it seems Nya is a prefix for female names) and it struck me how similar it was to that of the Sphinx, but she wasn't turning her head well enough for me to get a good look at her profile, that is when I went on a hunt for a Sudanese woman with a similar profile who would turn her head around well enough for me to get a better look, and as luck would have it I found Nyaj soon after. More pics of the original Nya later.

So guys there is the evidence. The Sphinx depicts a woman whose descendants can be found among todays Nilotics. The problem with that part of the world and especially with (north) Sudan is that with fundamentalist bent Islam has adopted, so many women are in hijabs and it is hard to get a good view of their profiles.

Some other academic has another theory that the features of the Sphinx are possible the result of a bone disorder called Leonine facies, but I won't go into that. The lengths non-Africans will go to deny what is right in front of them is just ridiculous.

On the other hand, the Sphinx could have been created by aliens who carved the face of a black woman on it because at that time the only people around were black people because black people hadn't evolved? into white people yet. One should never discount that possibility!!

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