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Preface: I think I conceived partly as a response to a video by Youtube vlogger MsArchduchess, on a discussion between Marc Lamont Hill, Yaba Blay, Christelyn Karazin and Gina Macauley and some quips he and Kamau Bell made on Lupita Nyongo's popularity. I extended it into a blog post and it has languished for some years. I was going to through some unpublished articles and decided to publish it. It actually goes back to 2014 and that is why the topic seems and some of the facts may be so dated.

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Gina Macauley

First of all I am black male from the UK and some of you might feel that I am not qualified to comment about African American issues, so I will get that out of the way first.

As a regular Youtube and internet guy I am surprised that few of the commenters here know about Gina McCauley, Yaba Blay and Christelyn. I'm even surprised MsArchduchess did not know about her until now. Gina McCauley's blog is mentioned here and she has done some articles for the UK Guardian. Yaba Blay is the producer of a program exploring racial issues entitled Beyond The (1)drop Rule and she was also a consultant in Who's Black In America with Soledad O'Brien and in some program concerning dark-skinned issues for young girls. Christelyn I didn't know by name but OTOH her blog deals with interracial relationship issues.

In the case of Gina McCauley if you want to be up to date with the shit that is going down in regards to racial issues in your country you should look up her blog every now and then. I got to know about Gabby Douglas from her blog and I'm sure it was before most Americans did.

Initially I thought she was too harsh on Marc Lamont-Hill, but when I checked the scene at the start with Kamau-Bell I could see why. He was being an asshole from the first minute and he clearly deserved the reaming he got. These guys always seem to think that it is okay to get flippant around black issues in front of whites.

To be honest I didn't think Gina would show her feelings so openly, but if you look at it closely she was more hurt than angry. Marc Lamont-Hill is a PhD wielding black male who you would expect to do his homework properly, possesses a better equipped and funded research team than most, and be more intelligent and thoughtful and he turns out to be an asshole. How disappointing.

It is a good thing Gina was there because the other two would have watered the issue down and let Marc Lamont-Hill of the hook too easily. She sure wasn't going to. Lets get a few things straight here. If your are familiar with her blog you will know that Gina doesn't suffer fools easily. She is on to bullshit very quickly and takes no prisoners. I am even surprised that she was invited to such a show now I am beginning to suspect that they knew how things would turn out.

This is where the real analysis begins. Christelyn is in a multiracial marriage and that is what her blog and work is about. I am not saying that she can't be committed or is not passionate about black issues, but she has compromised. Google "Blackistan". Gina McCauley and Christelyn Karazin do have their differences. Yaba Blay I consider a little bit suspect because her programs suggest to me that she is too much into mixed race issues and probably hasn't gotten over complexion issues related to her childhood she openly admits. I will be honest that is (probably) an unkind thing to say about a accomplished mature woman. The only one who as far as we can tell is deeply committed to the faith is Gina McCauley and she came out as the 'angry black woman'. I have followed this one woman's blog and she is an uncompromising person. Someone at HuffPo had to know how things would possibly turn out and what happened may have been intended, and was only bad for Marc Lamont-Hill because he was seriously reamed. So you see black people, the woman you would want to have your back, the woman who wants to support you as you are, in racist America, was made to look bad. Whose agenda was really at work here?

People, you can't expect a white owned media establishment to give solid, committed, dedicated black people access to a system they control to build up their own community. The Cosbys (big mistake) was a one off which probably never be repeated. The kind of people who are able to gain employment there will never be the kind you can depend on. It is really sad that in spite of that it is the same media system which seems to have the power to give dark skinned black women the self-affirmation they need, because black males have apparently abdicated that responsibility. Guys you need to shape up.

On an ending note I was sad at the way things turned out, and this goes for you as well Ms Archduchess. This kind of bridge-burning manner of speech at the conclusion is wrong. It is painful when you say things like that and it was even more painful for me to hear Ms McCauley say that. Hearing a woman I respect pronounce words like she did at the end with such deep disappointment is painful. African American men you seriously need to shape up on this matter. Why complain when America decides destroy and lock as many of you in prison as they can, if so many of you disrespect 'dark-skinned' black women? Do you dislike them or are you simply 'punked-out' of showing appreciation for them from a young age? I can understand how peer pressure to be seen with an attractive woman can affect impressionable young men. Is that really the problem? The role dark-skinned black women play on this planet is to produce boys like you who grow up to be you. If you disrespect them you are underwriting the case of your own destruction. Don't do this.

As an African I would like to say this. The way African American males and females use language is wrong - perhaps I should restrict it to those who go on Youtube, the internet, talk shows etc, like Angrybruv. To be fair to you African women don't speak much differently. 'Men are bad!!'. But when you use such language in Africa or in a predominantly Afro-Caribbean country, they are no white or hispanic, or other races there. Whatever be the case both sides have to sit down and resolve the differences. The condition in America is different. There is always another racial option and this is where things go south. You need to secure that kind of language. Much as I detest the idea of referencing him here, if TS (you know who I mean) makes a sweeping generalization about black women, everyone gets upset (with the exception of a few retards) and rightly so. And yet both Gina and MsArchduchess are using the same kind of language. Now I don't know about the experience of black women in America, and how justified such language may be, but I am sure that the are many black men who are hurt by your words. I mean the only black men who allowed to 'express themselves' in the white controlled media are cooning hip hop artists and brown-nosing guys like Marc Lamont-Hill above.

The other aspect is that the nature of the discussion is harming the chances of the improving relationships among the youth. OK, a generation has been raised on a diet of images of black men who may be seen as role models marrying women of other races and black hip-hop artists cooning around exotic mixed race women, and black women being persistently attacked in the media. Don't you think the discussion should be handled in a way which may better improve the way the teenagers and children of today will handle their differences? The tone of the discussions seem to be absolutely bent on ruining any chance of that happening. If the adults of this generation feel they have ruined any chances of reconciling their differences, they shouldn't discuss the issue in a manner which damages the chances of future generations. Adults today need to change the nature of their dialog as a way teaching the younger generations how to discuss and reconcile any differences which might arise among them in the future.

PS. MsArchduchess's channel went offline for a while. I believe she was deeply traumatized by Kodak Black's colourist comments that she had to take a break. She is back now at MsARCHDUCHESS but somehow she just doesn't sound the same.

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